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Outdoor furniture maintenance in winter

The stitching of rattan materials is very strong plasticity and durability, and has become one of the preferred raw materials for many outdoor furniture. Modern rattan outdoor tables and chairs can be roughly divided into two categories, one is pure rattan material, the other is rattan-like material.
Pure rattan materials as the name implies, is a pure wood rattan as raw materials, after anti-corrosion processing made of outdoor furniture. Because of its high cost of raw materials and processing, and its maintenance is very difficult, it is gradually replaced by rattan-like materials in the field of outdoor furniture.
Pure rattan outdoor tables and chairs, because of its solid wood characteristics, often have high requirements for the surrounding environment. When you use it everyday, you need to place it in a suitable outdoor environment with temperature and humidity. At the same time, avoid collision and other injuries. However, due to the drier climate in northern China and the huge temperature difference between day and night, it often leads to mold, natural cracking and even moth damage of outdoor table and chair of pure vines.
When you maintain your pure rattan outdoor tables and chairs, if cracks are found, should contact the prospective repair personnel to repair; if the use of time is longer, should regularly buy wood paint and other paint uniform spraying on the surface, generally once every year; if there is a breakage due to wear, should buy Buy new products and replace them.
Since winter will not be used for a long time, it is recommended that you clean up the dust and impurities last year, the breathable light cloth curtain covered in vine outdoor tables and chairs, or placed in a suitable temperature, humidity indoor environment.
Imitation rattan outdoor tables and chairs are made from PE, PVC and other materials. Its durable, waterproof and sunscreen, mildew and moth-proof, environmental protection and health characteristics, greatly reducing the difficulty of maintenance, by more and more consumers in northern China.
When you clean the rattan outdoor tables and chairs, wipe the dust on the surface first. The gap between rattan can be cleaned by soft brush. Avoid high-concentration detergent with corrosive nature by all means, you can use low-concentration detergent scrubbing, and finally must be cleaned with clean water and dry. Then, breathe the thin cloth curtain over it, or place it in a ventilated, cool indoor environment.

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